Drought Prediction and Water Management System for the semi-arid region of the state of Ceará, Brazil

The team at the University of Potsdam is now working together with FUNCEME in a knowledge transfer project. The initiative, also funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and co-funded by FUNCEME, aims at making the knowledge and scientific results generated in SESAM effectively available to a partner in the public sector in Brazil. The project will also serve as general pilot application of the scientific achievements and thus provide the basis for a potential future practical use for similar cases and regions of the globe.

A prototype of a drought prediction system for the state of Ceará

We are setting up a water availability forecasting system, which will predict large reservoir volume, distributed small reservoir volume, river discharge and generally regional water availability. Our predictions will be based on short and medium range meteorological forecast provided by FUNCEME and on physically based hydrological modelling, including small to strategic reservoirs.

A user-friendly simulation environment for WASA-SED

The integration of the hydro-sedimentological model WASA-SED into the simulation environment SIGA is an important step to convert the scientific model into a user-friendly decision support tool. Available data-bases, metadata and scripts for data processing will be linked to SIGA. The model code will be cleaned and adapted to an operational application.

High quality space-time visualization of water availability

We plan a set of robust and scalable client/server solutions for the high quality visualization of water resources. It is envisaged to develop innovative services and client applications for water availability information for consumers and stakeholders based on the DFMS results and made available through standard service interfaces.

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