Open Research Topics for Master Theses:

Please ckeck this spreadsheet if you are interested in writing your Master Thesis about SESAM or contact José Miguel Delgado for further information in english.

Ongoing and Finished doctoral theses:

Spectral fingerprinting - finished (Arlena Brosinsky)

Hydrological connectivity and sediment dynamics in a semi-arid and highly erodible mountainous catchment (Erik Sommerer, supervised by Andreas Güntner)

Soil moisture and water availability in the root zone of preserved Caatinga biome - finished (Carlos A. Gomes Costa, supervised by José Carlos de Araújo)

The sediment budget of a highly erodible catchment. The River Isábena (Ebro basin, Central Pyrenees) - finished (J. A. López-Tarazón)

Ongoing and finished student theses:

Fine-sediment dynamics in a gravel-bed river: the Isabena (Ebro basin) (Gemma Piqué, Master, supervised by Ramon Batalla)

Airborne and terrestrial laser scanning (ALS & TLS) analysis for the derivation of topography, flow paths and erosion features (Marcus Bauer, Diplom, supervised by Saskia Förster and Till Francke)

Derivation of vegetational parameters from hypersprectrometrical flight data of Isábena subbasins (Charlotte Wilczok, Diplom, supervised by Saskia Förster)

Seasonal changes in water surface area for remote reservoirs in Brazil for hydrological model calibration and validation - finished (Iris Kleine, Diplom, supervised by Saskia Förster)

Survey and monitoring of surface reservoirs in the Benguê watershed (Raissa Santiago, Bachelor, supervised by Pedro Medeiros)

Parameterization and modelling of the Orós catchment (Efraim Martins, Master, supervised by George Mamede)

Sediment tracing and long-term deposition in the Aiuaba basin (Eliakim Martins, Master, supervised by George Mamede)

Sediment yield and siltation in different scales in the Upper Jaguaribe basin (Everton Pinheiro, Master, supervised by José Carlos de Araújo)

Groundwater level observation in Iguatu (Rafael Landim, Master, supervised by Prof. Luiz Alberto Mendonça)

Runoff initialization in the Aiuaba basin - finished (Vidal Figueiredo, Master, supervised by José Carlos de Araújo)

Effective root depth of the Caatinga vegetation - finished (Everton Pinheiro, Bachelor, supervised by José Carlos de Araújo)

Connectivity patterns of surface reservoirs in the Upper Jaguaribe basin - finished (Samuel Peter, Master, supervised by Hans Herrmann and José Carlos de Araújo)

Aufstellen einer Prozesskette zur Bearbeitung von Lidardaten und exemplarisches Bearbeiten einzelner Aspekte innerhalb dieser Kette - finished (Marcus Bauer, Studienarbeit, supervised by Susanna Werth and Saskia Förster)


Some of the key sub-projects that were carried out within the first SESAM Project are summarised here:

The projects contain descriptions of the WASA-SED model, the hydro-geomorphological database that was created during the monitoring campaigns in dryland settings of Spain and Brazil, and the key scientific results on sediment generation and transport at the hillslope and river scale, the usage of remotely sensed data for model parameterisation, a study on connectivity issues and the modelling of sediment-transport processes for the SESAM study areas. Each project presentation contains a link to the corresponding scientific publication or PhD / MSc thesis.

Projects above listed:

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