The WASA-SED Model

The process-based, spatially semi-distributed modelling framework WASA-SED for water and sediment transport in meso-scale dryland catchment was developed during the SESAM Project. The WASA-SED model simulates the runoff and erosion processes at the hillslope scale, the transport processes of suspended and bedload fluxes at the river scale and the retention and remobilisation processes of sediments in large reservoirs. The modelling tool enables the evaluation of management options both for sustainable land-use change scenarios to reduce erosion in the headwater catchments as well as adequate reservoir management options to lessen sedimentation in large reservoirs and reservoir networks. On this page you find information on the key publications that describe the model and its applications as well as a download section with a WASA-SED executable and auxiliary modelling tools (the LUMP Landscape Unit Mapping Program and the Toolset Make_wasa_input). A full WASA-SED model description can be found here (Mueller et al., 2010).

Key publications

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